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“Do girls fish too?”

I seem to be drawn to industries and careers where I am the minority. Blame it on my competitive nature or my stubbornness to conform, but I refuse to be told “I can’t” because I’m a girl. Women are incredibly strong, scratch that, resilient.

My career in agriculture made me tough in more ways than one. Excluding the permanent calluses on my hands and stronger than average upper body strength, it was the “I will wait for him to help me” and “can you please get me your manager” that truly made me tough. A girl…

“If I don’t see you again, thank you and have a good life”

My first day in the shop was overwhelming to say the least. New town, new waters, new culture, new people, and lots to learn. I spent every free moment studying flies and absorbing advice shared by co-workers with fellow anglers. In summary, it is nothing like the east coast and I have a lot to learn.

David was in and out of the shop all day. Checking action on streamers, haggling with Henry about an employee discount on a new rod, and attempting to rally troops to…


Tales of a Fly Fishing Guide

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